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MSF and the war in the former Yugoslavia 1991-2003

Read the full report, "MSF and the war in the former Yugoslavia" on Speaking Out.

From 1991–2003, MSF bore witness to the war stricken former Yugoslavia, marked by ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity and a neglectful international community. In doing so, we found many reasons to speak out. A new publication, ‘MSF and the war in the former Yugoslavia’, lays bare the dilemmas we faced as a medical humanitarian organisation trying to support the populations in need.

This Speaking Out case study explores the variety of questions and dilemmas MSF faced, among them:

  • To what extent should MSF risk the lives of its staff in order to operate in conflict zones?
  • Should MSF condemn obstacles set up to limit the access to the population if it meant no longer having any access at all?
  • Should MSF denounce the fact that humanitarian aid was presented by the international political leaders as the only solution to the conflict and call for military force, an action that would lead to loss of human life?
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