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War in Gaza:: find out how we're responding
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At MSF, we publish evaluations, critical reviews and guidelines detailing our activities and research.

While you will find some of these in-depth resources on our website, most can be found on separate websites, specially designed for the specific resource.

Scroll through the tabs above to discover them all, from medical resources, to those focusing on analysis, reflection and evaluation.

MSF International Activity and Financial Reports

Each year, MSF publishes an International Activity Report and an International Financial Report, with details on our activities in each country. The reports provide global financial and operational information, and reflects on the major challenges we faced over the previous year.

The Practical Guide to Humanitarian Law

Definitions are often the first step toward granting or denying a person's rights. The aim of The Practical Guide to Humanitarian Law is to provide precise meaning and content for terms such as "terrorism", "refugee", "genocide", and "intervention". These are terms that the media have introduced into everyday conversation, yet whose legal and political meanings are often obscure.

This Guide explains the terms, concepts and rules of humanitarian law in accessible and reader-friendly alphabetical entries. Written from the perspective of victims and those who bring them assistance, the Guide outlines the dangers, spells out the law, and points the way toward dealing with violators and violations of the law.

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