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MSF Speaking Out

Speaking Out Case Study Learning Modules

The MSF Speaking Out Learning and Development modules aims to provide a suite of training tools and learning opportunities that further increase the understanding of speaking out, in all its complexity and ambiguity. This project harnesses more than twenty years of SOCS to contribute to a broader and more effective humanitarian action through foregrounding MSF experience on speaking out. The target audience is both the current and future generation of humanitarian decision makers within and outside of MSF.

Examples from MSF's Speaking Out Case Studies will be used to explore real-life scenarios of the past. Using the case study method, the learner is faced with a problem in a defined context and must explore a real situation using a variety of sources and information.

The courses are based on thematic that address dilemmas surrounding speaking out in complex humanitarian situation. The module series demonstrates how MSF teams faced impossible choices, how they struggled with decisions, and how the resulting consequences manifested. 

Why take the SOCS learning modules?
Humanitarians deciding to take the course (s) will gain sophisticated understandings of the importance of speaking out, increasing their confidence when faced with complex dilemmas embedded in humanitarian crises. These new understandings will lead to improved analytical skills and operational effectiveness. Speaking out will no longer be the preserve of key headquarters staff, university professors, and other humanitarian experts but will become fundamental to the knowledge base of all who access the training.

Who are the SOCS learning module for?
They are for all humanitarians – current and future.

You should take this module if you are interested in developing or furthering your critical thinking skills and knowledge of speaking out dilemmas in humanitarian action. Whether you are just starting your humanitarian career or a well-advanced decision-maker, you will find value in studying speaking out dilemmas to build confidence and improve critical analysis skills.

All modules are for internal and external use.

For all introductory level modules, you must complete the final quiz with a score of at least 70% in order to receive your certificate.

Introductory modules teach foundational skills. These are the first modules in a series of MSF Speaking Out Case Studies learning modules to come. Students will deepen their understanding of essential humanitarian concepts and terminologies and develop skills to effectively analyse past and present speaking out challenges.

Case Study 1: Online learning Module

How does speaking out articulate with MSF’s working humanitarian principles?