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MSF Speaking Out

Speaking Out Case Study Learning Modules

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The MSF Speaking Out Case Study (SOCS) Learning Modules provide a suite of interactive training tools and multimedia learning opportunities that further increase understandings of speaking out dilemmas, constraints, and controversies detailed in the speaking out case studies. Courses are designed for progressive learning, with Initial, Level 1, and Level 2 options.

To learn from the case study dilemmas, the teaching methodology employs conceptual and empirical elements including an introduction to speaking out and the speaking out case studies, humanitarian thematics, case studies and timelines, post-action analysis, and reflections. 

Examples from MSF’s Speaking Out Case Studies (SOCS) are used to explore real-life scenarios of the past. Using the case study method, the learner is faced with a problem in a defined context and must explore a real situation using a variety of sources and information.

The SOCS courses offer fresh and innovative tools that use MSF’s key historical moments as windows for solving tomorrow’s challenges. Over the long-term, this training will contribute to better humanitarian action by teaching about concrete challenges and how to approach them. In so doing, the courses help preserve and improve the act of speaking out. 

The aim is to ground and impart critical thinking and analysis skills regarding MSF’s speaking out experience to a new generation of humanitarian actors.


Why take the SOCS learning modules?

Humanitarians taking these courses will gain deeper understandings of the importance and challenges of speaking out, increasing their knowledge, skills, confidence, and operational effectiveness when faced with dilemmas embedded in humanitarian crises.

Who are the SOCS learning module for?

They are for all humanitarians - current and future - from within and outside of MSF. Whether you are just starting your humanitarian career or a well-advanced decision-maker, you should take the courses if you are interested in developing or furthering your critical thinking skills and knowledge of speaking out dilemmas in humanitarian action.

Recommended Learning Path:

For optimal results, the recommended learning path is to complete modules in progressive order, no matter your level of seniority or responsibility:

  • Initial Module 
  • Level 1 Courses
  • Level 2 Courses

You may, however, access any course.

All SOCS Courses

Philippines Emergency -  Nov 2013
MSF Speaking Out

The Initial Module: Introduction to MSF, SOCS, and Speaking Out

15 Jun 2022
MSF Speaking Out

Level 1 Course: How does Speaking Out Articulate with MSF’s Working Humanitarian Principles?

17 Mar 2022
MSF Speaking Out

Level 2 Course: How does Speaking Out Articulate with MSF’s Working Humanitarian principles?

15 Jun 2022