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explo mission in Argelia
War in Gaza:: find out how we're responding
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MSF first worked in Algeria in 1980 and closed its projects in 2016.

MSF began working in Algeria in 1980 after an earthquake struck the country and provided assistance in different capacities until 2016.

We ran specialised projects on training for mental health counselling and HIV treatment for at-risk groups including migrants, intravenous drug users and sex workers. We also provided emergency response during disasters, such as the 2001 flood in the capital Algiers and after an earthquake in 2003. We closed our last project, an HIV programme, in Algeria in 2016.

A Fair Shot 1 million pneumonia deaths infographic
Access to medicines

2,500 flowers are placed in front of Pfizer’s HQ, representing number of children who die of pneumonia each day.

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Samos island, Greece

Will they kill us here in Europe?

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CAR - Slideshow: Multi-antigenes Vaccination campaign - 04

High vaccine prices hamper immunisation efforts in Africa, but are missing from agenda of key vaccination conference

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War and conflict

Support to health facilities in the Middle East and North Africa

Project Update 23 Mar 2011

Body set up to seek drugs for the poor

Project Update 4 Jul 2003
Access to Healthcare

NGOs slam G8 poverty pledges

Project Update 3 Jun 2003

MSF sends in more staff to assist victims of earthquake

Press Release 26 May 2003