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Syrian refugee explo Bulgaria, November 2013
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MSF first worked in Bulgaria in 1981 and closed its projects in 2015.

Between 1981 and 2014, MSF provided care to marginalised groups in need.

MSF first worked in Bulgaria in 1981. In 1997 we began providing medical equipment and medication to hospitals and pharmacies in the country. In 2000, we opened a treatment centre for sexually transmitted infections in the capital, Sofia, where we educated people on safe sex practices and infection prevention and did voluntary testing and counselling for HIV.  

We left Bulgaria in 2005, returning in 2013 to help improve conditions for Syrian refugees arriving in the country. When the Bulgarian government increased their capacity to provide for refugees, we left Bulgaria in 2014.

Syrian refugees in Harmanli, Bulgaria

MSF projects for refugees in Bulgaria coming to a close

Project Update 5 Jun 2014
Syrian Refugees Harmanli Bulgaria

MSF provides essential aid to Syrian refugees facing harsh winter

Voices from the Field 13 Dec 2013
Syrian refugee explo Bulgaria, November 2013

Syrian refugees face appalling conditions

Press Release 21 Nov 2013
Photo Story

Access to Health Care in Bulgaria for everyone

1 Oct 2004
Photo Story

Exclusion from health care services Fakulteta district, Bulgaria

Report 28 Sep 2004

Most people affected are still uninformed.

Press Release 28 Sep 2004