MSF Speaking Out

Speaking Out Podcast

“MSF Speaking Out" podcast is a newly launched series adapted from the original MSF Speaking Out Case Studies (SOCS). Just as with the case studies, the podcast series examines the challenges and dilemmas surrounding speaking out. It offers an in-depth look into these dilemmas through the narration of extracts from MSF documents and press archives to help establish the facts. Interviews with the main MSF protagonists at the time of the events also provide an insight and analysis of the positions they adopted, with personal perspectives from some MSF staff on how they could or should have done things differently.

Speaking Out Srebrenica Podcast

The first in the podcast collection is adapted from the "MSF in Srebrenica, 1993-2003" case study. The 5-episode series examines the constraints, questions and dilemmas surrounding speaking out that the MSF teams faced during the siege and subsequent massacre which took place in Srebrenica during the Bosnian War of the 1990s.

"MSF in Srebrenica. 1993-2003" Speaking Out Case Study.