Outdoors support clinics, Thaker. Leer, South Sudan

Where we work

In more than 70 countries, Médecins Sans Frontières provides medical humanitarian assistance to save lives and ease the suffering of people in crisis situations. Find out more about our actions in every country below.

IDP camp in Herat
Europe & Central Asia


Decades of conflict have ruined Afghanistan’s economy and infrastructure and many people rely on humanitarian aid.
Europe & Central Asia


MSF first worked in Albania in 1998 and closed its projects in 2000.
Malaria and malnutrition in South Sudan, Bentiu PoC, Sept 2015 Brendan Bannon.
Middle East & North Africa


MSF first worked in Algeria in 1988 and closed its projects in 2016.
Fleeing from Kasai


MSF left Angola at the end of 2018 but continues to monitor the situation, ready to respond in case of new emergencies.
MSF treats DR-TB cases
Europe & Central Asia


In Armenia, MSF first worked in the country in 1988 to respond to medical needs following the Spitak earthquake, before treating people with drug-resistant tuberculosis with new, effective drugs. We closed our last projects in 2019.
Europe & Central Asia


After working in Azerbaijan for more than ten years, MSF closed its last projects in 2003.