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Five years of fear: The human impact of an unpredictable conflict in Mozambique

Mozambique annual report 2022

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MSF has been working in Mozambique since 1984, often alongside the Ministry of Health. For almost 40 years, MSF teams have responded to medical and humanitarian needs countrywide, including HIV, tuberculosis, malnutrition, malaria, cholera, natural disasters, COVID-19 and people displaced from their homes due to conflict.

Cabo Delgado

MSF has been working in Cabo Delgado since 2019, ensuring access to healthcare for people displaced by the conflict or returning to their homes through community-based services and mobile clinics and through providing support to health centres and local hospitals.

In 2022, our activities included mental health services, basic and specialised healthcare consultations, health promotion, water and sanitation improvements, and distribution of essential relief items.


In Beira, we run a programme offering sexual and reproductive healthcare, including safe abortion care and HIV testing and treatment to vulnerable adolescents and stigmatised groups, such as sex workers, transgender women, and men who have sex with men.

In addition, we provide care for patients with advanced HIV at healthcare facilities in the city. In 2018, we implemented early diagnosis and treatment to improve the quality of the management of opportunistic infections in patients with advanced HIV disease in Beira Central Hospital’s emergency department.

In 2021, the project extended its support to 10 health centres in Beira, providing mentoring to Ministry of Health staff in key health centres, and providing sexual and reproductive healthcare, diagnosis and treatment of advanced HIV in Beira city.


In 2022, MSF began working with the Ministry of Health to build capacity and provide preventive and curative care for vector-borne diseases and neglected tropical diseases, and to provide disease surveillance and preparedness for emergencies such as cholera outbreaks and natural disasters.

Our teams worked in rural health centres in 11 locations in Angoche, Mogovolas and Meconta districts. Our health promotion and water and sanitation teams also worked with local communities to build up our collective understanding of climate-sensitive health needs and to ensure the best response is provided.

The annual report below provides an overview and the highlights of our activities across Mozambique during 2022.

MSF Mozambique annual report 2022 pdf — 1.35 MB Download
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