MSF has started an intervention for the outbreak of COVID-19

Coronavirus disease COVID-19

Most of the world's countries have reported cases of coronavirus disease COVID-19. WHO has declared the outbreak as a pandemic.

COVID-19 is a disease caused by a contagious new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and everyone is at risk of being infected. Health workers are on the frontline of the response to the pandemic and their protection is vital to ensure that patients continue to receive care. 
MSF is opening new projects in response to COVID-19 and adapting existing ones to help cope if cases are identified. We are very concerned how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect people in countries with already fragile health systems. On any given day, our staff treats tens of thousands of patients for a variety of illnesses in our medical programmes around the world. In many areas where we work, there are few medical organisations in a position to respond to an overload of patients.

Find out how we are responding to the pandemic around the world.

For comprehensive information, including how to protect yourself against the disease, please visit the World Health Organization's (WHO) COVID-19 webpage. For updated technical information and details on the evolution of the pandemic please see WHO's COVID-19 situational report page.

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Coronavirus disease COVID-19

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Coronavirus disease COVID-19

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Coronavirus disease COVID-19

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Coronavirus disease COVID-19

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Coronavirus disease COVID-19

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Coronavirus disease COVID-19

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