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Kala Azar: fighting a neglected disease in remote India

Neglected diseases

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Neglected diseases disproportionally affect people in the world’s least-developed countries and there are few tools available with which to diagnose and treat.

They cover neglected tropical diseases, such as kala azar (visceral leishmaniasis) and sleeping sickness (human African trypanosomiasis), plus issues such as snakebite envenoming, but also Chagas, noma, cutaneous leishmaniasis, and others.

These diseases are considered ‘neglected’, as – although they are usually life-threatening and claim thousands of lives every year – the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries ignore the development of vaccines, diagnostic tools and drugs to tackle them.

Neglected diseases

Neglected diseases

MSF joins noma survivors in celebrating inclusion in WHO neglected tropical diseases list

Press Release 15 Dec 2023
Noma survivors: closer to getting the attention they deserve

Noma survivors shine a light on neglected disease

Voices from the Field 23 May 2023
Bilya - Noma Survivor
Neglected diseases

Noma takes step towards inclusion on WHO list of neglected tropical diseases

Press Release 3 Feb 2023
Lassa fever Health Promotion Activity

Tackling deadly and difficult-to-diagnose Lassa fever

Project Update 25 Feb 2022
Typhoid fever outbreak - Popokabaka
Democratic Republic of Congo

Deadly typhoid outbreak under control in Popokabaka

Project Update 24 Sep 2021
Neglected diseases

No more neglected diseases, no more neglected patients

Press Release 27 Jan 2021
Advanced HIV management in Homa Bay
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