Philippines: responding to Typhoon Tembin

Natural disasters

An earthquake, tsunami, flood or cyclone can have a devastating impact on entire communities.

Within a matter of minutes, natural disasters can affect the lives of tens of thousands of people. Hundreds or even thousands of people can be injured, homes and livelihoods destroyed. Access to clean water, healthcare services and transport can also be disrupted. The impact of each disaster varies greatly and our response must adapt to each situation.

Needs must be quickly identified, but accessing a disaster zone can be complex when roads are cut off. The first responders are people already on-site: community members, local authorities and aid organisations already present.

We keep pre-packaged kits to deploy for rapid relief and life-saving assistance. With projects in over 70 countries, we often have aid workers nearby when a disaster strikes. They can be reinforced with additional teams if a larger response is needed.

Response to flooding in Southern Africa - Malawi
Cyclone Idai & Southern Africa flooding

Malawi: “This time, the flooding has destroyed houses, not lives”

Voices from the Field 29 Mar 2019
The confluence of the three rivers, Nyahode, Rusitu and Chipita, was a source of terror to the residents of Copper. Dr Elizabeth Irungu

Grit and determination: One day in the race to reach people after Cyclone Idai

Goma - Free access to urgent health care
Democratic Republic of Congo

Helping each other after the eruption of Nyiragongo

Exposure. 11 Jun 2021
Sake - Free access to urgent health care for populations on the move
Democratic Republic of Congo

People struggling to find food, water, shelter after east DRC volcano eruption

Project Update 3 Jun 2021
Water distribution in Sake, North Kivu, DRC
Democratic Republic of Congo

Further assistance urgently needed for people following DRC volcano eruption

Project Update 31 May 2021
Impact of hurricanes Eta and Lota

MSF steps up medical care in response to humanitarian crisis in Honduras

Press Release 16 Dec 2020
Floods in Pibor
South Sudan

Worsening flooding increases health risks

Project Update 22 Oct 2020
Heavy floods threaten the lives of thousands of people in Greater Pibor
South Sudan

Heavy floods threaten the lives of thousands of people in Greater Pibor

Project Update 23 Sep 2020
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