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Safe abortion care

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Every minute, somewhere in the world a woman or girl has an unsafe abortion. MSF is committed to providing safe abortion care to reduce avoidable suffering and deaths.

Unsafe abortion is one of the main causes of maternal death worldwide, and the only one that is almost entirely preventable.

Every day, our teams around the world witness first-hand the death and suffering caused by unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion. 

That’s how we know that safe abortion care is essential healthcare.

Providing safe abortion care: A medical necessity (Full version / EN)

Providing safe abortion care: a medical necessity

MSF considers access to safe abortion care as a critical part of comprehensive reproductive healthcare, one that reduces maternal mortality and suffering.

Our commitment to this issue stems from experience at our projects, where every day we see suffering and death caused by unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions.

In 2022, we treated more than 25,130 women and girls for abortion-related complications, the majority likely due to unsafe abortions.

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Safe abortion care

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Safe abortion care

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Safe abortion care

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