Gedeb Hospital
International Activity Report 2018


Somali region 

We have had teams working in Dolo town, Liben zone, on the border with Somalia, since 1995. The health centre in Dolo Ado offers basic healthcare to the local community and people who have fled violence and food insecurity in Somalia and settled in five camps in the zone. We also treat many Somali nationals who cross the border in search of medical care. At the end of the year, we handed over all our activities at the health centre to the health authorities, except for maternity and obstetric care.  

We also handed over our medical activities at Wardher hospital and the district health centres in Danod and Lahel-Yucub in Doolo zone to the Regional Health Bureau at the end of the year. Since 2007, we had been supporting outpatient and inpatient services, water and sanitation activities and emergency referrals. We maintained and ran isolation wards during disease outbreaks, assisted deliveries and provided antenatal care, treatment for tuberculosis and for severe acute malnutrition in children under five.  

We have also been offering comprehensive primary healthcare through mobile clinics in more than 10 locations in Doolo zone for children under the age of 15 and pregnant and lactating women. Our plan is to expand these mobile activities to provide care for all ages, as well as surveillance of emerging disease outbreaks, community engagement and health promotion, covering a wider area to reach more people, including the nomadic pastoralist communities. 

Deported migrants 

Since November 2017, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been forcibly expelling migrants living irregularly on its territory. An average of 10,000 Ethiopians are deported each month, with chartered planes arriving weekly in Addis Ababa, according to the International Organization for Migration. We started providing medical and mental health screening and support in the airport and at a centre in the city in March. Despite the trauma most of our patients had experienced, many tried to make the perilous Red Sea crossing back to Saudi Arabia.  

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