Emergency Team Package

The Emergency Team package is an employment agreement of minimum 12 months duration consisting of extra benefits to ensure permanent availability of highly competent staff to be deployed to multiple emergency contexts. The different benefits components of the package are described below.

INITIAL commitment: 12 months, renewable

Extra Benefits:

-         Extra Paid Leave: An extra 20 days off per calendar year (i.e. a total of 45 days off per year).

  • As this extra leave is intended to allow them to sustain a field work rhythm for the duration of their commitment, carrying over leave days from one year to the other is discouraged. However, due to the nature of emergency work, this may be difficult. If some of the accumulated paid leave days are untaken by the end of the commitment, they will be paid out.
  • This extra paid leave is managed in discussion with the Emergency Team coordinator in the HQ.

-         Home Child Allowance: Generally yes, however approach not aligned across Operational Centers.  It is not included in the OCBA package.

-         Completion Bonus: The employee is entitled to a completion bonus of 1,5 month salary at the completion of his/her 12-month commitment

  • In case of termination of the employment relationship before the 12 months commitment this bonus is not paid pro-rated or otherwise.
  • Extension: each extension of 6 months minimum after the first 12 months also entitles the emergency team staff member to a completion bonus, pro-rated, to be paid at the end of each period of 6 months.

For international staff on protected IRP I salaries, see also Transition from IRP I tab for specifics regarding one of the additional benefits (HCA).

Possibility for return tickets to country of domicile: Given the nature of the activity, made up of multiple assignments, it is not possible to guarantee a specific number or the timing of returns home. These will be organized taking into account the multiple constraints (dates of assignment, needs of the field, visa constraints in the field and for HQ, country of domicile of the person, etc.). MSF does, however, guarantee that the person will be able to go home at least once during the year long commitment.