Specific Package Benefits

Home Child Allowance

In order to facilitate on-going flexible involvement for vocationers on any types of assignments, and to make it easier for international staff to take certain Long Term Assignments (with criteria at the discretion of the OC) without accompanying dependants i.e. unacompanied postings, MSF provides financial support for dependent children remaining in their country of domicile, in the form of a Home Child Allowance (HCA).

It is a monthly amount paid out with the salary to the international staff member for dependent children who remain in their country of domicile.

It is a gross amount calculated as follows:

  • Using the salary grid relevant to the employee’s country of domicile
  • 25% of the gross indemnity amount (i.e. the first level of remuneration in the grid, called "indemnity") per dependent child;  i.e. it is the same amount per child regardless of the level in the salary grid.
  • It is capped at 3 children. This means that if the employee has more than 3 dependent children back in the country of domicile, she/he will not receive a Home Child Allowance higher than the one corresponding for 3 children. 
  • Prorated in the same manner as salary when relevant

Definition and official documentation required follow general rules as for dependents children for Family/Dependent Facilities in the field. The HCA is paid, provided that:

  • the dependent child is under 18 years of age
  • Official documentation is provided (a copy of the birth / adoption certificate or a copy any legal “family” documentation attesting to the composition of the family). NB: payment of the HCA start the month following reception of supporting documentation.

It is provided systematically to employees engaged as vocationers (except when on accompanied assignments) and to staff taking certain long-term assignments, under specific conditions defined by the operational centres, as follows:

For all LTAs For LTAs after completion of the indemnity period For coordinators on LTAs who have 12 months of MSF international staff experience

As mentioned above, the Home Child Allowance is specifically set up by MSF for staff taking on Long Term Assignments generally on unaccompanied postings (by far the most common type of postings in MSF), and not a general family allowance.

As a result, the Home Child Allowance cannot be combined with accompanying dependent coverage within the same assignment. In other words, a person cannot receive a Home Child Allowance for one child while getting the dependent package for other dependents (partner and/or children) in the field, nor the HCA for part of an assignment and then the dependent package for the rest of the assignment (e.g. when dependents join the staff member part way through the assignment).

Luggage Allowance

20kg Extra luggage is covered by MSF on departure and return from mission equal to or longer than 12 months. The extra luggage comes in addition to the normal luggage of 20kg from regular (inter-missioner) assignments, which caps at the total luggage guaranteed for LTAs at 40kg, even if the airline would offer more. All dependents have the same entitlements (40kg per person). The luggage amounts are guaranteed for the full trip (including domestic flights).

It's important to strictly respect the luggage limits because while certain companies may allow higher limits of luggage, others may not, and/or MSF may have planned use the weight (above the extra limit) for accompanied shipments of urgent supplies or mail.

Travel to and from Domicile

Return Ticket Policy

All International staff are provided with one round-trip ticket per assignment, between their place of domicile and their country of assignment.

Under the conditions presented below, in the "Extra Return Ticket" section, MSF also covers the cost of an extra return ticket for international staff to take paid leave in their country of domicile.

The same rules apply for accompanying dependents.

Extra Return Tickets

Additional returns are provided to staff on certain special packages. Please refer to the section on ‘Travel to and from Country of Domicile