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Different Types of Packages for Different Types of Availability


In the development of MSF’s compensation and benefits system for international staff, it was decided that additional rewards would be granted for international staff willing to commit longer, whether for longer assignments in the same country/position or when willing to be deployed internationally wherever needed. To fill current and build towards future field needs, MSF needs to develop and retain key staff in a variety of contexts, including emergencies, complex political environments and insecure settings. Key staff include coordinators, as well as specialized profiles.

Depending on the type of availability people are willing to provide to MSF, MSF offers different types of packages:


Intermissioners: for people who commit on a mission per mission basis. They are and will remain an essential group allowing MSF to react with flexibility to fluctuating operational needs.

These benefits are outlined in the general benefits tab.

Long-Term Assignments (LTAs)

Long-term assignments: for people available for assignments of 12 months or longer.

MSF encourages longer-term assignments, especially for coordination positions. The objective of the Long Term Assignment (LTA) package is to stabilize staffing on key field positions, in particular but not exclusively on coordination positions, through longer assignments on the positions open by Operations for longer periods of duration.

There are two types of packages, for those whose committing at the start of their assignment for 12 to 23 months (LTA 12), and one for those committing at the start of their assignment for 24 months (LTA 24).


Vocationers: For people available for 3 – 5 years at a stretch. MSF offers increased stability in exchange for long-term availability and full mobility. The types of assignments offered are based on operational needs and are therefore at the discretion of the Operational Center but overall career plans with strive to take into account personal interests and development.

Emergency Team

ET package: In addition, there is a special package for members of the Emergency Team. ET members are key in MSF’s ability to provide a qualitative timely emergency response, thanks to their high level of mobility and availability, which contributes to MSF’s capacity to deploy first line interventions on extremely short notice.