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Due to the nature of our medical-humanitarian work and in line with our organization principles, MSF considers that the benefits offered to international staff are and must remain a very important part of the overall package. 

Principles for the provision of benefits

There are several key principles underlying MSF’s benefits packages:

Equity: All international staff irrespective of their home location are provided with common benefits and allowances. 

NB: These are common or based on a minimum standard applicable for all, but the elements provided by social systems will vary depending on the contracting section

Mobility: Benefit provision aims to facilitate the ability to mobilize people to the various missions/countries (e.g. field benefits, in particular the facilities provided to families).

Domicile & Connection to home society: MSF considers it important to maintain its employees’ connection to their home society in order to help retain staff longer in the field. (e.g. through integration in social systems, returns, etc.)

Commitment: Benefit provisions reflect the value MSF gives to long-term commitment, and particularly a move to career employment (& the associated flexibility in deployment).

Hardship: MSF acknowledges the necessity of offering a high standard of insurance coverage whilst on assignment.

Healthcare: Strong health policies and measures; a high standard of medical coverage including preventive and curative care.

Time Off: All employees will be offered reasonable time off whilst on assignment (in particular for those on long term assignments), and appropriate breaks between their assignments (some paid leave is available to those on long-term contracts).

Coherence of treatment with other groups of staff (HQ and national): While seeking overall coherence in practices, MSF acknowledges the key importance of mobility for the organization, which translates into a specific set of facilities offered in the field to international staff (per diem, family facilities etc.). There is also a (secondary) intent for coherence within a Contracting Section with HQ policies, so that in the absence of international policy recommendations, consistency with its HQ staff benefits is sought.

Contents of the Benefits Package

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Home Based Benefits

  • Core Benefits Through International Insurances
  • Other Core Benefit Components
  • Other Benefits Organized by Contracting Sections

Field Benefits 

  • Per Diem
  • Family/Dependent Facilities
  • Detailed travel policy

Specific Package Benefits

  • Home Child Allowance
  • Luggage Allowance
  • Travel to and from Domicile