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Daily life in Saada city

Aerial bombardments in Sa'ada

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More than four years into the war in Yemen, aerial bombardments have decreased but Sa’ada remains the most targeted governorate by the coalition, with almost a quarter of all recorded air raids since March 2015.

Coalition airstrikes have targeted military sites but also public spaces such as markets, mosques and hospitals. There have been over 700 air raids on residential areas in Sa’ada alone. The city lies in ruins.

In 2015, the MSF hospital in Haydan, Sa’ada governorate, was also bombed by the coalition. The facility was eventually rebuilt in April 2018 and serves an estimated 180,000 people.


Medical figures from Haydan hospital, April-December 2018

The only hospital in a wide and remote area, to reach it people must contend long distances and the constant threat of shelling and air strikes. This is just one of the harsh realities of life in Sa'ada.


Report on aerial bombardments in Sa'ada, Yemen

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