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Medical activities in Hodeidah, Al Salakhana  hospital

A day treating wounded in Yemen's Al Salakhana hospital

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More than four years into the war in Yemen, the port city of Hodeidah, on the country's central western coast, has been the target of a brutal offensive starting in June 2018. Civilians have been hard-hit, repeatedly coming under attack.

In September 2018, MSF started working at Al Salakhanah hospital, in the city's northeast. Teams rehabilitated the emergency room and operating theatres to provide emergency medical and surgical care to people in the city. As fighting escalated in late 2018, Al Salakhanah hospital remained one of the few hospitals open in the area.

With the signing of a cease-fire in December 2018, the rate of aerial bombardments has slowed, but civilians often still find themselves caught in the crossfire, with bullet wounds being one of the most common injuries our teams treat. This video report illustrates the stories of people MSF treated in the hospital over one day.

Between October 2018 and May 2019, MSF teams in Al Salakhanah hospital have treated:


A day in Al Salakhana hospital, Hodeidah, Yemen

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