Influx of wounded patients in Sica hospital in Bangui

Surgery & trauma care

Médecins Sans Frontières has been providing surgical care for people in precarious contexts for more than 40 years.

Surgery in a humanitarian situation is often associated with armed conflict. Yet our teams conduct operations for a variety of needs. In 2017, a quarter of the major surgeries we performed were caesarean sections, which is difficult to access in countries with a failing health system or in humanitarian emergencies. The opening of a surgical programme has a number of prerequisites which need medical and logistics resources, such as sterile conditions, qualified personnel, and post-operative capacity.

Quick Facts

Liberia pediatric surgery

MSF opens paediatric surgery programme

Project Update 31 Jan 2018
MSF Supported Primary Healthcare Centre, South of Mosul

Crisis update - 29 June 2017

Crisis Update 29 Jun 2017
Bria Hospital
Central African Republic

“Our paediatric hospital had to suddenly function as an adult trauma centre”

Voices from the Field 13 Apr 2017
Damage in Al-Bayan hospital

Changes in medical practice in Syria

Report 13 Mar 2017
Yousef from Iraq

A new life for war-wounded Iraqis

Project Update 27 Feb 2017
DRC: Paediatric care in Manono General Hospital
Democratic Republic of Congo

More than 200 people treated for injuries at Manono hospital, Tanganyika

Voices from the Field 23 Jan 2017
Photo Story

A day at the general rural hospital in Thi As Sufal district

14 Jan 2017
Photo Story
MSF ends operations in Zaatari refugee camp

"I consider myself luckier than a lot of other wounded Syrians who couldn't reach Jordan for treatment"

Voices from the Field 7 Dec 2016
MSF ends operations in Zaatari refugee camp

Border closure forces MSF's clinic for war-wounded Syrians in Zaatari refugee camp to shut

Press Release 7 Dec 2016
Offering healthcare in South Sudan, unity state
South Sudan
The kid had been shot in his abdomen by accident. Shadi Abdelrahman, surgeon

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Advanced HIV management in Homa Bay
Medical Resource

MSF Field Research

We produce important research based on our field experience. So far, we have published articles in over 100 peer-reviewed journals. These articles have often changed clinical practice and have been used for humanitarian advocacy. All of these articles can be found on our dedicated Field Research website.

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