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Damaged buildings in Chernihiv

War in Ukraine

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In late February 2022, Russian forces attacked multiple cities across Ukraine, leading to full-scale war.

The intense fighting has led to 5.9 million people leaving Ukraine and becoming refugees in Europe.* Within Ukraine, over 3.6 million people remain displaced by the war.**

As war continues across Ukraine and people flee, our teams are responding to a severe humanitarian crisis, both in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries.

We currently have approximately 74 international and 567 Ukrainian staff working in response to the war in Ukraine. They work as medical staff (surgeons, doctors, nurses); psychologists; logisticians and administrators.

*United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, February 2023
**International Organization for Migration, January 2023

How we are responding


Hospital on rails

MSF/Andrii Ovod

Rebuilding lives damaged by the relentless war in Ukraine

Project Update 22 Feb 2024
MSF physiotherapist working with war-wounded patient

The long road to recovery for Ukraine's war wounded

Project Update 29 Dec 2023
MSF ambulance damaged after attack in Selydove

Repeated attacks on hospitals in Ukraine take a tragic toll on lives and infrastructure

Press Release 24 Nov 2023
Medical evacuation from Kherson

A Journey of Resilience: 36 hours caring for patients on a train

Voices from the Field 1 Nov 2023
Medical evacuation from Kherson

MSF evacuates 150 patients as hospitals in Kherson are attacked repeatedly

Press Release 30 Oct 2023
Elena* from Donetsk| displaced to Belgorod

Belgorod: Supporting people displaced by violence

Project Update 4 Oct 2023
Market in Kostiantynivka damaged from missile attacked
War in Ukraine

Over 30 people hospitalised after deadly attack on marketplace in Kostiantynivka

Press Release 8 Sep 2023
Shelled out hospital building in Kherson
War in Ukraine

Hospital in Kherson shelled twice in 72 hours

Press Release 4 Aug 2023
MSF psychologists provide group and individual psychological sessions to people in areas  previously occupied, Ukraine.
War in Ukraine

Protecting mental health amidst the trauma of war in Ukraine

Project Update 3 Aug 2023
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