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Our medical research helps us improve the medical care we deliver, as well as helping other medical practitioners in the field.

We produce medical guidelines in a number of languages - including in French, Arabic and Spanish - for a number of different diseases and medical protocols. We also produce drug procurement guidelines, a list of essential medicines, and information for drug manufacturers on having their medicines qualified for use by MSF.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) produces medical guides to help practitioners in the field. The contents of these guides are based on scientific data collected from MSF’s experience, the World Health Organization (WHO), other renowned international medical institutions, and medical and scientific journals. The medical guides are continually reviewed and improved. All guides are available in multiple languages. They are the fruit of a collective effort by a group of experienced practitioners and known experts in their specialty. The guidelines are distributed to tens of thousands of people around the world, and are used by other international health organisations, such as WHO and UNICEF.

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Operating Theatre | Boost Hospital - Lashkar Gah

We produce important research based on our field experience. So far, we have published articles in over 100 peer-reviewed journals. These articles have often changed clinical practice and have been used for humanitarian advocacy. All of these articles can be found on our dedicated Field Research website.

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Advanced HIV management in Homa Bay

Quality Assurance for Medical Products

We attach the utmost importance to the quality of the medical products that are dispensed to patients. We have set up our own procurement centres, which are in charge of the purchase, storage and shipment of drugs, vaccines, medical material, and equipment needed for MSF to carry out our missions. Here you can find our principles and guidelines for MSF medical products qualification scheme and for medicine and products procurement. You will also find our policy for in-kind donations of medical products.

Medical units throughout MSF consist of teams of experts that aim to improve the quality of our medical programmes worldwide. Part of the Medical Department of the Operational Centre in Brussels, our medical unit in Cape Town focuses on providing strategic, clinical and implementation support to various MSF projects with medical activities specifically related to HIV and TB. You can find all their research on a dedicated site, alongside info on training courses.

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Sibongile Xesha - MSF Treatment For TB in South Africa

MSF Research Affiliates