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Learn more about the LGBTQI+ community and access to healthcare

On this page, you can find resources intended for educational and training purposes on various subjects: inclusive language, healthcare disparities, sexual orientation and gender identity, and more.

If you an have MSF work email, you can access additional resources on our sharepoint portal 

Photo: Kasha is an LGBTQI+ activist from Uganda. Read more about Kasha's story here


Systematic Review of the Literature 

Access to Healthcare for LGBTQIA+ Populations in MSF Settings 

This literature review delves into practical, operational tips that could inform project design based on 17 systematic reviews, 13 research publications, 9 gray literature articles, and 7 protocols/toolkits currently available. 

LGBTQI+ TIC Publications

Click on a link below to download our flagship publications, including the Best Practices and Inclusive Language Poster, the Do's and Don'ts of Working with LGBTQI+ Patients guideline, and our debut report Introduction to LGBTQI+ Inclusive Care based on interviews with 15 local LGBTQI+ NGOs operating in MSF project areas.

These resources are available for download for field use and are currently being implemented in our training programs.

Photo: Jessie is a transgender woman from Lebanon. Read more about Jessie's story here

Where Love Is Illegal Jessie

Best Practices and Inclusive Language Posters

These posters are an informative and colorful addition to your office or clinical space. 

Best Practices: 

This resource delves into the most useful tips for making LGBTQI+ patients feel respected and cared for, with plenty of examples to demonstrate. 

Inclusive Language: 

The words we choose to address LGBTQI+ patients can play a major role in their experience. This poster notes certain outdated or disrespectful terms and what to say or do instead. 

Posters also available in French and Spanish

LGBTQI+ Inclusion

Best Practices and Inclusive Language Posters En 13 Sep 2023

Do's and Don'ts When Working With LGBTQI+ Patients

In this guideline, specific clinical scenarios between staff and LGBTQI+ patients are explored. If you are wondering how to use gender-neutral language, what types of questions are OK to ask, or what words to use when speaking about an LGBTQI+ patient, this resource is for you.

Guideline also available in French and Spanish

LGBTQI+ Inclusion

Do's and Don'ts When Working With LGBTQI+ Patients 25 Jul 2023

Introduction to LGBTQI+ Inclusive Care

This report is a compilation of key findings and recommendations based on conversations with local LGBTQI+ NGOs (non-governmental organizations). The organizations contacted have local operations in Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Cameroon, Kenya, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Syria, Australia, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Mexico, Ukraine, and Greece. Each provides a unique perspective on inclusive care, adapted to their region.

LGBTQI+ Inclusion

Introduction to LGBTQI+ Inclusive Care 25 Jul 2023

Articles for further study

Whether you have 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 25 minutes, or longer, you can find a resource on this list that will help you understand the basics of sexual orientation and gender identity and why it matters for dignified health care. 

Learn the basics: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression

Wondering what the difference is between gender identity and gender expression? Do you know what all the letters in the "LGBTQI+" acronym mean? How about what it means to be intersex, pansexual, or queer? This video will guide you through the most important terminology to know when it comes to the LGBTQI+ community. 

Find the video in Spanish, French, and Portuguese

Human Rights Watch: Facing the Myths 


A joint project by Human Rights Watch and the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality, this video documents LGBTQI+ people from the MENA region as they react to common myths and stereotypes associated with the community. 

Read the full article here


LGBTQI+ Inclusion

Ugandan man charged with ‘aggravated homosexuality’ under new law

The Guardian . 19 Sep 2023
LGBTQI+ Inclusion

Lebanon LGBTQ+ activists say attacks are distraction from country’s problems

The Guardian . 19 Sep 2023
LGBTQI+ Inclusion

My love/hate relationship with the letter "M" 19 Sep 2023

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