Lake Chad Crisis

Armed conflict has forced over 2.3 million people to flee their homes across the Lake Chad Basin. Violence and multiple forced displacement have destroyed what ability people had to support themselves.

The conflict between military forces and non-state armed groups in the Lake Chad region broke out in northeast Nigeria almost a decade ago. It has since spread into neighbouring Cameroon, Chad and Niger, creating one of the largest humanitarian crises in Africa.

Many of the displaced have found refuge in host communities, putting a huge strain on a region already suffering from poverty, food insecurity, recurrent disease outbreaks and weak health systems.

Explainer: What is going on in northeast Nigeria? | Webclip | English

What is going on in northeast Nigeria?

Lake Chad Crisis

What is going on?

A look at the epicentre of the Lake Chad crisis in northeast Nigeria (2017)

The Lake Chad crisis stems from an armed conflict in Nigeria that has been ongoing for more than eight years.

More than two million people have fled their homes, with little chance of returning any time soon. Thousands have been killed in the fighting, many more by measles, malnutrition and malaria. An unknown number of people are out of the reach of humanitarian assistance altogether.

Despite the huge scale of suffering, this is a conflict that you might not be aware of. In this video we take a look at the humanitarian situation and ongoing conflict in northeast Nigeria, the epicentre of the crisis.

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3 questions on situation in Borno state

What is the humanitarian situation in Borno?

Despite a massive deployment of humanitarian aid in Borno State since 2016, many urgent needs remain unmet in 2019. Inadequate response in terms of water and sanitation, shelter and food provision, as well as poor living conditions in the displaced people's camps have a direct impact on the health of a population already shaken by nine years of conflict. Stéphanie Rémion, the recent Head of Mission MSF in Nigeria, explains the current situation.

Surviving conflict in northeast Nigeria
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Fighting to survive: Conflict in northeast Nigeria

5 Jun 2019
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Measles outbreak in Maiduguri

“I have not seen such high numbers of measles cases”

Project Update 17 May 2019
Providing Emergency Nutritional and Paediatric care in Bama, Borno State.
Lake Chad Crisis

Borno State: “We don’t know anything of the people living in regions outside army control”

Interview 11 Apr 2019
Diffa: recent attack in Nguigmi village

Violence, humanitarian needs and fear mount in Diffa

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Goura, Cameroon - Displaced from Rann, Nigeria

Nothing to drink and nowhere to sleep for thousands who’ve fled Rann, Nigeria

Press Release 14 Feb 2019
Cameroonian Refugees in Cross Rive State
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Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria

25 Jan 2019
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Bodo , Cameroon - People fleeing Rann

Rann was attacked – and was left “like a graveyard”

Voices from the Field 16 Jan 2019
Bodo , Cameroon - People fleeing Rann

Thousands fleeing Rann attack seek refuge in Cameroon

Project Update 16 Jan 2019
Surviving conflict in northeast Nigeria

Crisis update: Borno and Yobe states, January 2019

Crisis Update 14 Jan 2019
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