Care for victims of violence in Extreme North region of Cameroon


Since 2011, violent attacks by armed opposition groups and the counterinsurgency operations of the Nigerian army have forced hundreds of thousands of people from northeast Nigeria to seek refuge in Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

During the past two years, violence has increasingly spread from Nigeria into the three neighbouring countries, causing further displacement. By the end of 2016, there were around 86,000 refugees and 198,000 internally displaced people in Cameroon.

In response, we scaled up our activities during 2016 in several locations in the north of the country, providing healthcare, including maternal services and nutritional support, in the UNHCR-administered Minawao camp.

Our staff carried out 58,147 consultations during the year. They also improved water and sanitation, trucking in 3000 cubic metres of water per week and assisting with the construction of 32 kilometres of pipes to find a permanent solution to the scarcity of water in the camp.

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