Kala Azar in Bihar
MSF field hospital
South Sudan

Urgent humanitarian assistance needed for thousands of people who fled fighting in Wau Shilluk

Crisis Update 15 Mar 2017
South Sudan, Melut
South Sudan

MSF closes project in Melut after three years

Project Update 30 Jan 2017
Seeking malaria treatment around Aweil, South Sudan
Disease prevention

Five epidemics to watch

Press Release 25 Jan 2016
South Sudan

A nurse in Old Fangak

Voices from the Field 1 Jun 2015
South Sudan

Tackling a deadly outbreak of tropical disease

Voices from the Field 16 Jan 2015

More about Kala Azar

Project Update 16 Jan 2015
Kala Azar in Bihar, India
Kala azar

Increased access to diagnosis and treatment of HIV-VL co-infection is imperative for eliminating kala azar

Press Release 1 Dec 2014
Kala Azar in Bihar

MSF supports the introduction and roll-out of single-dose treatment for kala azar in Bihar State

Press Release 17 Nov 2014
South Sudan

Medical Care Under Fire in South Sudan

Project Update 4 Jul 2014
Kala Azar in Bihar, India. Sadar Hospital, Vaishali District.

Better detection, diagnosis and treatment needed for neglected complication of kala azar in Bihar

Press Release 10 Apr 2014
Kala Azar in Bihar, India

Access to kala azar treatment in public healthcare system needs to be scaled up

Project Update 28 Mar 2014
South Sudan

Medical care in South Sudan's Batil camp

Voices from the Field 20 Jun 2013
Advanced HIV management in Homa Bay
Medical Resource

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