Recognition of Experience and Salary Bands

Salary bands

MSF acknowledges the progress and experience of international staff within the same job. Bringing previous experience and knowledge of a position and/or staying in the same function brings added expertise to our operational work.

In order to reward this previous experience, as well as to allow for salary progression when staying in the same job in MSF, previous external and internal work experience in the same job – or in another job within the same salary level (and the same job family) – is taken into account to determine the salary, and position a person within his/her salary band/level.  Note that MSF experience in the field is weighted higher than external experience.

Each salary band in the Global Grid has a range of 20%. There are three salaries per salary band (or level), related to the level of experience: entry, mid and upper point. To move from entry point to midpoint, an individual must have 2 years of internal MSF field experience within the specific function – or in another job within the same salary level (and the same job family); or 4 years of external experience (taken at 50%). To move from midpoint to upper point, only internal MSF international field experience is taken into account (to leave for some salary growth for those staying in the same position/level).