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Decades of conflict have ruined Afghanistan’s economy and infrastructure and many people rely on humanitarian aid.

MSF focuses on emergency, paediatric, and maternal healthcare in Afghanistan, which has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.

We work in two hospitals in Kabul and one in Helmand province, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health. We also run a maternity hospital in rural Khost province, and a drug-resistant tuberculosis programme in Kandahar.

In October 2015, US airstrikes destroyed our trauma centre in Kunduz, killing 42 people. The trauma centre has been closed since then, but the need for lifesaving trauma care remains extremely high.

Key activities

Trauma Centre Kunduz

MSF hospital overwhelmed after fighting in Kunduz

org.uk 29 Sep 2015

On the refugee trail: “My dream is peace in Afghanistan”

Voices from the Field 9 Sep 2015

Testimonies from refugees and staff in Lesbos

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Refugee children of Kos
Refugees, IDPs and people on the move

Refugees in Kos stuck in appalling conditions

Project Update 26 Aug 2015

Greek authorities’ inaction turns into abuse of refugees in Kos

Project Update 12 Aug 2015
Kunduz, northern Afghanistan, December 2011

MSF condemns violent armed intrusion in hospital in Kunduz

Press Release 3 Jul 2015
Kunduz Hospital Aftermath - 14 Oct 2015

The attack on Kunduz trauma centre

Voices from the Field 1 Jul 2015
Spring Offensive in the North of Afghanistan

Scores of wounded treated after heavy fighting in Kunduz province

Press Release 25 Jun 2015
Spring Offensive in the North of Afghanistan

MSF treats war wounded as spring offensive rages in the north

Press Release 19 May 2015
MSF new maternity in Kabul

A unit for “kangaroo mothers” in Kabul

Voices from the Field 6 Mar 2015
Mediterranean migration

EU and Greece turn their backs on refugees arriving at Greek islands

Press Release 3 Dec 2014
Gulan Camp Khost Province Afghanistan 2014

North Waziristan refugees in Afghanistan: MSF provides humanitarian aid in Gulan refugee camp

Press Release 31 Jul 2014
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