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MSF in Mullaitivu Hospital, all uses
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MSF first worked in Sri Lanka in 1986 and closed its projects in 2012.

As conflict flared up in Sri Lanka between 1986 and 2007, MSF provided support to people affected by the fighting.

MSF first worked in Sri Lanka in 1986 to assist victims of the conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. We provided medical care through mobile clinics, and supported camps for displaced people and health structures until March 2004. Nine months later, we responded to a devastating tsunami by running mobile clinics, rebuilding structures, and providing material support to displaced people until 2005.

MSF returned in 2007, providing surgery to people caught up in renewed fighting and we continued to treat people affected by the fighting until 2012.

Sri Lanka

MSF hands over last remaining project

Project Update 4 Oct 2012
Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

Health situation in Vavuniya district

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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan government has an obligation to release civilians and provide adequate assistance

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Sri Lanka

After influx of wounded, Sri Lanka's hospitals are overflowing with patients

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Sri Lanka

Amid restrictions, MSF field hospital in Sri Lanka provides essential, but limited, surgical and medical care

Project Update 8 Jun 2009
Sri Lanka

Treating the wounded and medical emergencies remains a priority

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's war-wounded leave MSF staff heavy with surgeries every day

Project Update 26 May 2009
Sri Lanka

A 'full blown storm of medical and humanitarian needs' in Sri Lanka

Project Update 15 May 2009