Rescue of a third rubber boat on Wednesday, November 1st.

Mediterranean migration

Every year, thousands of people fleeing war, persecution and poverty at home attempt the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean. Countless lives are lost on the way.

Closing safe and legal options for people to reach Europe pushes them further into people smugglers' networks. In Libya, the detention of migrants and refugees is a thriving enterprise of kidnapping and extortion.

MSF is working in Search and Rescue in the Central Mediterranean. We also provide assistance to people in Libyan detention centres and those arriving in Europe.

SAR Relaunch - Aoife testimony - ENGLISH

"They cannot go back" - Aoife Ni Mhurchu, nurse onboard Aquarius

"Refugees cannot go back to this highly dangerous existence"

Aoife Ni Mhurchu, a nurse that worked onboard our previous search and rescue ship, Aquarius, describes the conditions she's seen while working in Libya, and the experiences of treating people who have been rescued at sea, and explains why our return to search and rescue activities onboard new boat Ocean Viking is desperately needed.

Detention Centres - Tripoli, Libya
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Human Suffering: Inside Libya's migrant detention centres

1 Sep 2017
Photo Story
March 2017: Search and Rescue Operations in The Mediterranean
Mediterranean migration

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Mediterranean migration

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Refugees, IDPs and people on the move

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SAR activities June 2017
Mediterranean migration

MSF committed to saving lives on Mediterranean but will not sign the Italian “Code of Conduct”

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Refugees, IDPs and people on the move

One year after the EU-Turkey deal: migrants and asylum seekers are paying the price with their health

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