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Mediterranean migration

Every year, thousands of people fleeing war, persecution and poverty at home attempt the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean. Countless lives are lost on the way.

Closing safe and legal options for people to reach Europe pushes them further into people smugglers' networks. In Libya, the detention of migrants and refugees is a thriving enterprise of kidnapping and extortion.

MSF is saving the lives of people trying to cross the central Mediterranean Sea with our own search and rescue vessel, Geo Barents. We also provide assistance to people held in Libyan detention centres and those arriving in Europe.

Webclip - 3 Things to Know: Impact of Migration Policies (EN)

Webclip - 3 Things to Know: Impact of Migration Policies

3 things to know - the impact of migration policies

The EU's migration policies are having a direct impact across the Mediterranean Sea, while people are trying to flee dangerous conditions in Libya. Here are three ways that the EU's policies on migration impact on the lives of people trying to seek safety.

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At home: Unaccompanied minors in France

Documentary 23 Jan 2023
Rotation 12 - Rescues 1
Mediterranean migration

New decree obstructs lifesaving efforts at sea and will cause more deaths

Statement 5 Jan 2023
Rotation 19 - Rescue 4
Mediterranean migration

All survivors disembarked to safety after illegal delay at Catania port

Press Release 11 Nov 2022
Rotation 19 - Rescue 2
Mediterranean migration

Over 500 survivors on board the Geo Barents urgently need a port of safety

Project Update 2 Nov 2022
Boats on Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean migration

Malta instructs rescue ship to take 23 people to Egypt rather than to closer ports in Europe

Press Release 19 Oct 2022
Emergency Medical Aid (EMA) for new arrivals in Samos, Greece

Fear, beatings and forced returns for people seeking safety on Greek island of Samos

Project Update 9 Aug 2022
Rotation 13 - Rescues 1-6
Mediterranean migration

High risk of more deaths in the Mediterranean over lack of search and rescue operations

Press Release 3 Aug 2022
Rescue trainings - Rotation 4
Mediterranean migration

Left to Drown in the Southern European Border: One year of Geo Barents at sea

Report 5 Jul 2022
Rescue trainings - Rotation 4
Mediterranean migration

European policies on Mediterranean migration continue to cause suffering

Project Update 5 Jul 2022
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