MSF Response Measles Vaccination (Am Timan District)
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Palestine: The invisible mental health crisis plaguing the West Bank

“In Israel, you’re 60 times more likely to have a COVID vaccine than in Palestine”

Opinion 22 Feb 2021
IDP Mobile Clinic in Abs

Severe malnutrition on the rise among children in Abs, northern Yemen

Opinion 22 Feb 2021
Tsgay Testimony | Hamdayet Reception Area
Ethiopia Tigray crisis

For refugees in Hamdayet, Sudan, “everyone is hungry, and everyone is tired”

Project Update 19 Feb 2021

Five questions on the Ebola outbreak in Guinea

Interview 19 Feb 2021
Eshowe Rural COVID-19 Response
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Southern Africa needs the right COVID-19 vaccines, at the right price – right now

Press Release 18 Feb 2021
Closure of Yangon HIV project

MSF concerned for welfare of healthcare workers and people in Myanmar

Statement 17 Feb 2021
Iraq : Treating COVID-19 in Baghdad

Severe COVID-19 patients in Iraq “were almost sure to die”

Project Update 16 Feb 2021
Herat Covid-19 Treatment Centre (CTC)

Keeping an eye on COVID-19 cases in Herat, Afghanistan

Project Update 12 Feb 2021
The journey of a wounded woman at MSF'SICA hospital in Bangui
Photo Story

A journey of healing in CAR amid post-electoral violence

9 Feb 2021
Photo Story

After 12 years of support, MSF hands last hospital activities over in Timergara, Pakistan

Project Update 8 Feb 2021
Young patient with diabetes in Paoua
Non-communicable diseases

No fridge, no problem, to store insulin for people with diabetes

Project Update 5 Feb 2021
MSF descentralized model of care

Healthcare in the community, by the community in Cameroon

Project Update 4 Feb 2021
A hospital at the heart of violence-torn North-West Cameroon

Ambulance fired on in South-West Cameroon

Statement 4 Feb 2021
TRIPS Waiver Embassy Protest
Access to medicines

MSF urges wealthy countries not to block COVID-19 patent waiver

Press Release 3 Feb 2021
Mozambique - Jose Macamo Project - HIV
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Ravaged by new strain, southern Africa must get COVID-19 vaccines

Press Release 3 Feb 2021
MSF begins supporting local healthcare facilities in eastern and central Tigray
Ethiopia Tigray crisis

Ethiopia: “If seriously ill people can’t get to hospital, you can imagine the consequences”

Voices from the Field 1 Feb 2021
Body Mapping as a mental health response to sexual violence
Safe abortion care

MSF welcomes reversal of the Global Gag Rule on safe abortion

Statement 29 Jan 2021
Border between Italy and France

Abandoned at the borders: stories of people on the move during winter

Voices from the Field 28 Jan 2021
South Kivu: An endless flight
Democratic Republic of Congo

South Kivu: An endless flight

Project Update 28 Jan 2021
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Malawi is overwhelmed by second wave of COVID-19

Interview 27 Jan 2021
Neglected diseases

No more neglected diseases, no more neglected patients

Press Release 27 Jan 2021
Electoral violence: emergency response in Bouar and Bossembele
Central African Republic

Displaced people in Bouar living amid fear and growing needs

Project Update 26 Jan 2021
Human African Trypanosomiasis in DRC
Neglected diseases

Overcoming neglect: Finding ways to manage and control NTDs

Report 26 Jan 2021
Mental Health Support | Kutupalong Hospital
Rohingya refugee crisis

Relocations, reduced services leave Rohingya communities at breaking point in Bangladesh

Project Update 21 Jan 2021
MSF Logistique - Bordeaux
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