Harandi, Tehran, Iran
MSF provides free healthcare to excluded and marginalised groups in south Tehran, including drug users, sex workers, street children and the ghorbat ethnic minority. ​​​

In Darvazeh Ghar district, MSF runs a clinic offering a comprehensive package of medical services designed for high-risk patients who suffer from stigma and/or need more help to follow their treatment. 

Services include counselling and support from peer workers, psychosocial aid, medical and mental health consultations, ante- and postnatal care, family planning and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.  Patients can also be tested for communicable diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis C. 

The team also operates a referral system, and runs mobile clinics in partnership with Society for Recovery Support, a local organisation which specialises in support for addicts and provides psychosocial assistance, harm reduction and shelter. ​​

In 2019
Coronavirus: MSF intervenes in Iran
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

MSF “deeply surprised” that Iranian authorities put a stop to our COVID-19 response

Press Release 25 Mar 2020
MSF provides support with response in second worst affected province in Iran
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

MSF sends hospital and medical team to treat COVID-19 patients in Iran

Project Update 22 Mar 2020
MSF activities in South Teheran

After a cold night on the streets, a warm reception

Voices from the Field 6 Nov 2019
After the floods in Iran, providing health care to the vulnerable populations in Lorestan

Providing health care to vulnerable people in Lorestan after floods in Iran

Project Update 6 Jun 2019
Flood flashes in Iran

Flash floods in Iran wash away homes, roads and livelihoods

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Refugee children of Kos
Refugees, IDPs and people on the move

Refugees in Kos stuck in appalling conditions

Project Update 26 Aug 2015
MSF Health facility,  Darvazeh Ghar district, south of the Grand Bazaar of Tehran.

Surviving in Tehran’s southern neighborhoods

Project Update 21 Jun 2013

MSF forced to leave Zahedan

Statement 30 Sep 2011

Worrying situation for Afghans in Iran

Project Update 30 Jul 2008

Specialised equipment and teams sent to treat post-quake 'crush' victims

Project Update 30 Dec 2003

MSF rushes emergency relief teams and materials to Iran

Press Release 27 Dec 2003

MSF asks that Iranian authorities remove obstacles to aid operations in Afghanistan

Press Release 5 Dec 2001