Guatemala - Sexual violence


MSF started working in Guatemala in 1984 and closed its projects in 2012.

 MSF on the migration route to Mexico
Central American Migration

“Mexico is not an option for my family to stay”

Project Update 24 May 2019
Desperate journey: Fleeing invisible wars in Central America
Central American Migration

"Leaving the country to seek asylum is often the only option for survival"

Interview 29 Oct 2018
Exodus - Mexico
Central American Migration

Forced to flee Central America's Northern Triangle: A Neglected Humanitarian Crisis

Report 12 May 2017
Central American Migration

Central American insomnia

Project Update 4 Aug 2014
Urban Survivors - Tegucigalpa
Social violence and exclusion

The medical consequences of violence

Project Update 11 Dec 2012

In Guatemala, the Ministry of Health is to take over MSF's treatment of HIV patients in Coatepec

Press Release 14 Feb 2007