Democratic Republic of Congo

West Kasai, DRC, Ebola fever update

Currently, an MSF international team, consisting of 19 international workers and five Congolese colleagues, is continuing its work in the region of Kampungu, located in the Mweka health zone. In addition, MSF is working along with 10 workers of the Congolese Ministry of Health in Kampungu. Thirty people recruited locally are working in the isolation unit, along with the MSF team. Under supervision of a water and sanitation expert, 14 workers are dealing with the spraying of the houses of patients who died from Ebola fever or who are suspected to be infected by the virus. Since September 5, 38 patients have been admitted in the isolation unit in Kampungu, of whom 15 have died. So far, 19 patients have been confirmed as Ebola cases and five have tested negative.

In order to determine which of the 10 remaining patients actually suffer from Ebola, the clinical and laboratory work is continuing. Two confirmed Ebola patients are currently recovering and are being followed up daily by the MSF medical team. Another Ebola patient is receiving care in the isolation unit. However, a recent suspected case, a child from Kampiangandu village, north of Kampungu, has tested negative.

MSF has installed an additional four-bed isolation unit to the south of Luebo town (15 km from Kampungu) and has trained local personnel on how to respond to Ebola if suspected patients show up. In the meantime, the follow-up of people who have been in contact with Ebola patients is going on, as well as active case finding in the neighbouring villages of Kalombayi, Baka Tombi, Mombo Munene, and Nsungi Mukse. MSF is also providing drugs and protective material for medical staff and traditional birth attendants to about 10 structures in the health zone. Each family with suspected or confirmed Ebola patients receives social support kits, consisting of food and basic material such as soaps, clothes, and buckets.