Mediterranean migration

People not numbers: a message from the Bourbon Argos

"While we can only welcome an increase in the number of people to be relocated, it is still far from matching the reality of today. EU Ministers focus on numbers but they forget that people arriving into EU countries are not numbers, they are people with human needs of water, food, shelter, medical care and protection. These are needs that must urgently be met, " says Aurelie Ponthieu, MSF Humanitarian Advisor on Displacement.

"Winter is coming, shelter and places of safety must urgently be provided along migratory routes and upon arrival. Even with this more ambitious relocation mechanism, people still have no choice but to risk their lives to reach Europe.The EU must replace smugglers with safe and legal alternatives."


People not numbers: a message from the Bourbon Argos EN

Lives continue to be lost at sea, in the back of lorries and in make shift camps where people live in unacceptable conditions in the heart of the European Union.