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MSF worried about the security situation in Equatoria

Barcelona/Nairobi - The escalation of tension in Sudan shows no signs of subsiding. Medecins sans Frontieres is particularly concerned about renewed insecurity in Western Equatoria and what that means for the population in the area.

Last Tuesday, November 15th, the Yambio region, in Western Equatoria, which has been thought of as one of the most stable areas in the country, was the scene of interethnic clashes between Dinka and Zande groups. During the fighting, a UN compound was looted and burnt and its occupants had to be evacuated urgently.

The number of dead and wounded is still not known but the tension also reached the counties of Tanbura and Ezo in the north of the region, where MSF is working. Because of this growing threat of violence, MSF evacuated its international staff.

The organisation has not yet been able to contact its national staff in Tanbura. MSF teams are trying to gather information on the incidents.

MSF has a medical project in the area to prevent and treat African Human Trypanosomiasis (HAT), also known as sleeping sickness. This includes an emergency hospital care component, based in Tanbura Hospital. The work includes diagnosis and treatment of patients, epidemiological surveillance, training for national staff and emergency preparedness.