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Fighting in Malakal town increases fear and tension in the civilian population in Upper Nile

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Fresh fighting that took place last night and this morning, 22 April 2015 in Malakal town between armed groups, has led to further displacement of about 900 people to the Protection of Civilian (PoC) site. Two people have died and an unknown number of people injured, however, until now, MSF has not treated any wounded in the hospital at the PoC in Malakal. Given the prevailing tension in the area, MSF are currently preparing for a possible influx of wounded people.

Since the beginning of April, clashes have led to the displacement of around 4,600 people from Malakal to the PoC, pushing the total number of people living in the PoC to over 25,000. This extra displacement further strains the already high number of people, already living with limited resources in the PoC.

At this moment the situation in Malakal town remains extremely volatile and it is expected that confrontations will continue in the coming hours. MSF teams have today been forced to suspend some of its outreach activities to remote areas hosting internally displaced people.

MSF calls upon all parties to the conflict to respect and facilitate access of humanitarian assistance to the people affected by the South Sudanese conflict.

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