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MSF Al-Nasr supported hospital - Al-Dhale,Yemen

Healthcare under siege

War in Gaza:: find out how we're responding
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Twenty months since fighting started in Taiz, the city’s health services have largely collapsed – the result of physical damage to hospitals and of shortages of staff and medical supplies. At the same time, people’s living conditions have deteriorated and the price of essentials, including food and water, has soared. A crippled health system, combined with increasingly harsh living conditions, has prompted a decline in people’s health, with particularly acute consequences for vulnerable groups with low immunity such as pregnant women, newborn babies and young children.

This exposure page focuses on the direct impact of the war on the population of Taiz, the collapse of the health services in the divided city and the human suffering of the war on the population as observed by MSF teams working on both sides of the frontlines in Taiz.

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Report 30 January 2017