“You shot an innocent person and destroyed a whole family’s life.”

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Annas was 23 years old and the fourth in a family of eight siblings living in Hebron city in the West Bank. He was the manager of the family's shoe business and responsible for looking after their income. He also worked selling trainers in the family's shop in Jericho to tourists. On 7 November 2013 he was killed by an Israeli soldier while crossing a checkpoint by car.

Annas was a dreamer and had a tremendously important role for his family. Full of innovative ideas and good ambitions he was the funniest son, and the family comedian. Always attentive, gentle and caring, he was also the one "lifting the mood" when some of children were sad or worried, with his famous jokes and his hilarious noises.

Occupied Minds is a series of stories about Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) patients affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, receiving assistance from MSF mental health teams in Hebron, East Jerusalem and Gaza. The stories are collected by the MSF teams. Occupied Minds seeks to reflect the reality of daily life under occupation for MSF patients.

This month, Occupied Minds looks at how checkpoints, restriction of movements, are affecting the life of the Palestinian population.

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