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Second Nepal Earthquake, Kathmandu

MSF teams witness destruction and despair of the second Nepal earthquake while assessing needs in remote areas

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Shortly after the second earthquake hit Nepal, MSF quickly started assessing needs in the affected areas, most of which are in the remote mountain districts – again.

An MSF team that headed for Dolakha district witnessed first-hand villages being destroyed by the earthquake and landslides. Dolakha district was the epicenter of yesterday’s 7.3 magnitude earthquake, the second one to strike Nepal in two weeks.

In Charikot, a village at the edge of the mountain, buildings had collapsed. The village of Sailungeshwar was affected by many landslides, some of which were ongoing at the time of the assessment. 

MSF is assessing the needs in the affected areas while providing medical and relief assistance to the populations in need including those affected by the April 25th earthquake.