MSF teams in Haiti distribute tents after storm destroys shelters in camp

On Monday afternoon a storm hit a camp in Coraille, north of Port au Prince, where more than 7,000 people are living, destroying almost one third of the tents. More than 2,300 people lost their only form of shelter and were under the rain with their belongings for the night when 345 tents were destroyed. On Tuesday, a UN agency, the International Organization for Migration, provided 100 tents to people. After being informed by the UN about the situation, MSF gave out 245 tents. MSF has distributed about 27,000 tents in the aftermath of the earthquake on January 12, but as a medical organization keeps its focus on ongoing medical needs of the people affected by the earthquake. Only a small emergency stock of tents is maintained for exceptional cases. While more than one million people are still displaced and living in undignified settings under pieces of plastic sheeting in makeshifts camps in Haiti, waiting desperately for better solutions, little progress has been made in providing people better and more permanent structures. The rain and hurricane season pose additional risks. MSF is following the situation closely and will do its best to support the population with emergency medical care in response to hurricanes or further deteriorating conditions due to the rainy season, but the organization has little capacity to respond to shelter needs. With the ongoing rainy season and the threats of hurricanes hitting Haiti in the coming months, MSF is very worried for the wellbeing of the population of Haiti.