Natural disasters

MSF starts work in Bhuj

MSF staff dispatched to the earthquake scene in northern India arrived in Ahmadabad Tuesday evening and, after coordinating with other NGOs, have started work in the northern area of Bhuj. Destruction in the area is approximately 90% with a population of some 150,000.

Immediate needs are for plastic sheeting, family tents, blankets, collapsible jerry cans and other basic supplies.

The MSF charter flight brought basic supplies that should supply needs for five to seven days. A second charter is being arranged.

MSF shall also be examining the water situation to provide improved access and availability.

The MSF team has been expanded with the addition of a psychologist to conduct a mental health assessment.

The MSF medical team is establishing a referral system to set up and Out Patient Department (OPD) where people can get assistance. The facility is being established in front of the Jesuit Hospital there.

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Natural disasters
Project Update 2 February 2001