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MSF COVID-19 Crisis Fund

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In the face of the unprecedented global crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, MSF has created the COVID-19 Crisis Fund.

The fund aims to raise urgently-needed money for our emergency response to the new coronavirus pandemic and its consequences. The fund also enables supporters to designate their donations as contributions restricted specifically towards this global effort. Money raised through the fund will support MSF’s COVID-19 response activities worldwide, including programme costs related to treating people with COVID-19, and the consequences the pandemic has on our regular programmes.

We seek to raise €150 million for the COVID-19 Crisis Fund to support these relief programs. This amount may be revised based on changes to programme and supply budgets, and will be used to cover expenses related to COVID-19 costs incurred in 2020 and 2021.

The objectives of our global response to COVID-19 are to:

  • slow down and stop or delay transmission of the virus;
  • provide care for patients (particularly the seriously ill);
  • minimise the impact on health systems and communities;
  • disseminate information on forms of infection prevention and risks;
  • enhance water, hygiene and sanitation supplies and activities; and
  • provide palliative care for the most seriously ill patients in contexts with limited resources.

A majority of funds will be used or go towards:

  • the acquisition of supplies such as oxygen for patients and personal protective equipment for staff;
  • the creation of isolation zones in MSF and non-MSF health structures such as clinics and hospitals;
  • staff training on handling and treatment of people with COVID-19; and
  • implementing infection prevention and control measures including, triage and patient referral, among other activities.

Your generosity to the COVID-19 Crisis Fund will enable our urgently-needed medical care and support to be set up or continued in more than 70 countries, to counter the new coronavirus disease.

MSF will publish regular reports to describe how your donations to the COVID-19 Crisis Fund are being used, and the impact achieved with the activities supported by the Fund.