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MSF assesses situationon Enggano

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An MSF team consisting of three people has assessed the situation on the Indonesian island of Enggano. The island was struck by the same earthquake that also hit part of Sumatra recently. The first impression is that about half of all houses and infrastructure is destroyed.

There is no electricity whatsoever on the island. The displaced are staying in makeshift tents in a small camp near the harbour. The island was experiencing aftershocks, three more tremors were felt by the team. The small hospital on the island has been damaged and is not functioning anymore.

A team of the health authorities is rehabilitating the building. Malaria is endemic in the area and could increase if people stay outdoors for a long time. The water supplies are also heavily damaged, which could cause an increase in diarrhoea.

Since last Wednesday, MSF has been assessing the situation in Bengkulu, the city most heavily hit on Sumatra. Although Bengkulu has been hit severely, the city is still largely functioning. Many people are very traumatised by the event and are afraid to reenter their homes even if they are still structurally sound. The hospital is only partly operational.