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South Sudan - MSF hospital in Agok

Ambulance fired on in South-West Cameroon

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In the early hours of 4 February, a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) ambulance was fired on by armed men while responding to a call in Muyuka, South-West Cameroon. The ambulance was hit and the accompanying nurse was injured. We condemn this attack on our colleague and on a clearly marked ambulance. Healthcare facilities, including ambulances, are not targets.

Following this attack, a second ambulance was dispatched to pick up the patient who is in critical condition and now receiving medical attention. Our colleague is also receiving medical attention and is currently recovering from their injuries.

MSF medical teams have been responding to the severe and ongoing effects of the crisis in North-West and South-West Cameroon since 2018. Our teams provide neutral and impartial medical humanitarian assistance through our emergency ambulance referrals, secondary level care, and a decentralised model of community care.

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