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Cervical cancer screening programme in Kyrgyzstan
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In Kyrgyzstan, which has high rates of cervical and breast cancers, we work on the early detection of these diseases.

In partnership with the Ministry of Health, MSF teams run two screening clinics for breast and cervical cancers in Sokuluk district, in Chui province. Other services offered in the clinics include family-planning, mental health support, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, and safe abortion care.

In Razzakov, Batken province, we work with Ministry of Health staff on mass casualty preparedness.

We work with people living in villages in areas near the border with Tajikistan, which are prone to conflict and emergencies, to improve their awareness of mental health issues and strengthen people’s coping mechanisms. We also advocate local authorities to increase access to mental health care in these areas.

Our activities in 2023 in Kyrgyzstan

Data and information from the International Activity Report 2023.

MSF in Kyrgyzstan in 2023 In Kyrgyzstan, Médecins Sans Frontières focused on providing screening and treatment to women at risk of cervical and breast cancer, and supported mental health services throughout the country in 2023.
Kyrgyzstan IAR map 2023

Kyrgyzstan is among the countries with the highest prevalence of cervical and breast cancer in the world. In June 2022, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, we launched a women’s health project in Sokuluk district, close to the capital, Bishkek, where we are working to decentralise cancer prevention by integrating screening services into general healthcare facilities. Our team trained nurses and midwives to carry out tasks such as visual cervical inspection and breast examination.  

The aim of the project is to achieve a sustainable early detection and treatment programme for cervical and breast cancer and promote its implementation countrywide.

Alongside this project and pursuant to our planetary health strategic commitment, we opened an ‘eco-village’ with local partners in Sokuluk, which allows people to drop off their recyclable waste in exchange for basic household goods.

In the aftermath of two international conflicts with neighbouring Tajikistan in 2021 and 2022, our teams worked in Razzaqov, Batken region, from August 2022 to December 2023, addressing people’s medical and mental health needs. After completing our objectives, we closed the project at the end of December 2023.


MSF mobile medical team in Batken region, Kyrgyzstan

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