Japan Tsunami

MSF has responded to natural disasters in Japan in 2011 and 2016.

Zambia, cholera vaccination in Lusaka

G7 fail to address the biggest threats to global health

Press Release 27 May 2016
Earthquake in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan

People have to continue living in shelters for a while

Voices from the Field 25 Apr 2016
Earthquake in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan

MSF starts medical activities in the area of Minami-aso after Kumamoto Quake

Project Update 21 Apr 2016
Kyrgyzstan - Decentralized care for TB patients
Project Update

Developing countries hit with high price for important new tuberculosis drug

Press Release 24 Feb 2016
Access to medicines

There’s still time to stop the TPP from cutting off the critical lifeline of affordable generic medicines

Press Release 3 Feb 2016
Treating multi drug resistant TB and HIV/AIDS in Manipur, India
Access to medicines

TPP negotiators must fix the most damaging trade agreement ever for global health

Press Release 23 Jul 2015