MH Belgium Project - Poelkapelle
International Activity Report 2017


MSF in Belgium In 2017, MSF developed several activities in Belgium to respond to the needs of migrants and refugees.
MSF in Belgium in 2017

MSF provided psychosocial support to migrants and refugees in three reception centres and a number of individual housing projects in Charleroi and Roeselare. The team offered mental health screening, counselling and psychoeducation, as well as cultural briefings and social and recreational activities. People with symptoms of severe mental health problems were referred to specialist care as appropriate. MSF conducted 525 individual mental health sessions and reached 446 people through group activities.   

In September, MSF launched an activity next to Maximilien Park in Brussels. The project aims to offer mental health counselling to migrants and refugees in transit through the country. These consultations take place in a humanitarian hub in collaboration with six other organisations, who offer a complete package of services to vulnerable people, including medical care, contact tracing and legal advice. In the first three months of the project, MSF’s psychologist conducted 140 consultations with mainly Sudanese, Ethiopian and Eritrean men.

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