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Increase in fighting in Malakal, southern Sudan; MSF treats 24 wounded

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Fighting in western Upper Nile and northern Jonglei, southern Sudan, during the weekend led to an influx of wounded people at Malakal hospital. MSF supported the Ministry of Health (MoH) facility to provide urgent medical care and treatment to 24 people including seven women and one child.

“Our main concern is that people in need of medical care can receive it,” said Head of Mission Voitek Asztabski. “Our team worked tirelessly to treat those who reached Malakal hospital. However, it is crucial that all those involved in hostilities ensure that people are able to access emergency medical care.”

During an break in the fighting that broke out early in the morning on March 12 and continued through the weekend, an MSF surgical team was able to proceed to the Hospital. Together with the MoH, staff provided emergency medical assistance focussing on stabilization and immediate surgical care including 18 surgerical procedures for people largely presenting with gunshot wounds.

“The current fighting seems to have calmed, however, MSF will continue to provide emergency surgical support at Malakal Hospital, as long as needs remain,” concluded Asztabski.

MSF is a neutral and independent medical humanitarian aid organisation, made up of medical professionals and support staff. We treat people based on medical need alone, irrespective of race, religion, gender, political or clan affiliation. In 2010, MSF supported the Kala Azar treatment unit in Malakal Teaching hospital, and established 5 Kala Azar satellite clinics in Rom, Adong, Khorfulus, Atar and Pagil in response to a significant outbreak of the disease. Across the MSF South Sudan Mission’s projects in 2010, 2766 patients with Kala Azar were treated.